The normal microbiota of the human GI tract is a complex microbial community whose composition is defined by a number of factors (including host genomics, diet, age, bacterial succession, immune function and health status). In general, the predominant bacterial groups are relatively stable in healthy human adults. However, inter-individual variations are evident, reflecting the unique equilibrium of each person's GI ecosystem. In addition, examination of the microbial populations in more detail (i.e., investigations at the subspecies level) further demonstrates the complexity and dynamics of this bacterial community, and most probably reflects its adaptive nature. Interactions between the host and the gut microbiota have led some researchers to acknowledge that the human intestine is, indeed, "intelligent"—based on Alfred Binet's definition of intelligence: "intelligence is the range of processes involved in adapting to the environment" (13).

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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