Chemostat Type Simulators

The in vitro colon simulators were introduced for the first time in 1981 (8), and all models functioning today have a lot in common with this model. Rumney and Rowland reviewed the first decade of in vitro simulators in their excellent article (3). Of the models reviewed by Rumney and Rowland, the Reading model introduced by Gibson and co-workers in 1988 (9), revised 1998 by Macfarlane and co-workers (10), is still actively being used and two new interesting models have been described in the literature. Of these, the SHIME (Simulator for Human Intestinal Microbiological Ecosystem) model introduced by Molly et al. in 1993 (11) and the EnteroMix® colon simulator introduced by Makivuokko et al.

Figure 1 The Reading model. This model represents the human colon in three vessels: V1 proximal, V2 transverse, and V3 distal colon. Media is pumped to system continuously, and at the same time there is a continuous overflow from vessel to vessel. Source: From Ref. 9.

In Vitro Methods to Model the Gastrointestinal Tract Table 1 Colon Simulator Models

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