The effect of carbapenems on the fecal normal microbiota is shown in Table 4. Imipenem

The effects of parenteral imipenem/cilastin therapy have been evaluated after prophylactic treatment of patients undergoing colorectal surgery (65) and in hospitalized patients with serious infections (66). In the first study, aerobic Gram-positive cocci, enterobacteria as well as several anaerobic species were significantly suppressed. The major effect in the latter study was observed as decreased numbers of enterobacteria.


The gastrointestinal microbiota has been studied in connection with administration of meropenem to healthy male volunteers (67). No measurable concentrations of meropenem were found in feces but disturbances were seen both in the aerobic and anaerobic microbiota. The numbers of streptococci and enterobacteria decreased while enterococci increased. Clostridia, Gram-negative anaerobic cocci and Bacteroides species were also suppressed.


In a study where lenapenem was given to healthy male volunteers (68), the antimicrobial agent did not influence the total numbers of aerobic or anaerobic bacteria but streptococci and Veillonella species were suppressed in numbers.

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