We are most grateful to the contributing authors who have been willing to share their knowledge and experience in their field of intestinal microbiology. They are all busy researchers and yet they committed themselves to writing these chapters. It has been a pleasure to cooperate with these experts for the production of this book. Together their excellent contributions provide the state-of-the-art research on the human intestinal microbiology as well as informative chapters about the animal microbiota for comparative purposes. Elaine Vaughan acknowledges the staff and colleagues in Unilever Research and Development, and in the Laboratory of Microbiology, especially the Molecular Ecology Group, Wageningen University, for inspiring discussions on intestinal microbiology and critical support in this field. She further acknowledges the enjoyable and stimulating collaborations with the Wageningen Center of Food Sciences. Arthur Ouwehand similarly acknowledges the support and inspiration from the colleagues at Danisco Innovation and the Functional Foods Forum, University of Turku. We thank the Egerton Group Ltd. for their excellent support during production of this book. Importantly, our families, especially our spouses (Dr. Patrick Wouters and Anna-Maija Ouwehand), who have learned to live with Gut Microbiology, we give our heartfelt thanks.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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