Zidovudin, Retrovir™; component of Trizivir™, Combivir™ Approved dose: 250 or 300 mg BID

Metabolism: Glucuronidation pathway, Elimination: renal





D4T [1-3]


Avoid combination.


No significant interaction



AZT T 35 % ± 23 %

Monitor for AZT side-effects.

Clarithromycin [4]

AZT 1 10-25 %

Take 2 - 4 h apart,

monitor for AZT efficacy.

Cotrimoxazol [2]

Haematotoxicity T

Dapsone [5]

Haematotoxicity T


Fosphenytoin, pheny-

Clearance of AZT | 30 % and

Monitor for AZT side-effects,

toin [2]

phenytoin Tl

TDM of phenytoin.

Valproic acid [2]

AZT T 79 %

Monitor for AZT side-effects.

Antifungal drugs

Fluconazole [2]

AZT T 74 %

Monitor for AZT side-effects.


Pyrimethamine [2]

Increased hematotoxicity T

Antiviral Drugs

Acyclovir [7]

Case report: profound lethargy

Cidofovir [8]

Increased hematotoxicity T

See: Probenecid.

Foscarnet [6]

Increased risk of anaemia T (less

risky than with ganciclovir)

Ganciclovir [9-10],

Increased hematotoxicity T

Avoid combination. Theo-


retical alternative:

Foscarnet + AZT.

Ganciclovir +DDI.

Interferon [11]

Increased hematotoxicity T

If necessary, reduce AZT


Ribavirin [12]

In vitro AZT-antagonism, in vivo

Avoid combination.

case reports of increased viral load,

increased risk of mitochondrial

toxicity (e.g. lactic acidosis)

Cytotoxic drugs

Doxorubicin [2] and a

Increased hematotoxicity T

Avoid combination or con-

lot of other cytotoxic

trol haemogram closely.


Monitor kidney function.


Methadone [14] AZT | 41 % Monitor for AZT side-effects.


Methadone [14] AZT | 41 % Monitor for AZT side-effects.

Uricosuric drug

Probenecid [13]

Monitor for AZT side-effects. Take 50% of AZT dose when combined with cidofovir and probenecid.

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