Pretest Probability Score Criteria 2

Thrombocytopenia | |

Timing of onset of platelet fall | | Thrombosis or other sequelae Q

OTher cause of platelet fall | |

30-50% platelet fall (or >50% fall due to sur< or nadir 10-19 x109/L

day 5-10, or <day 1 >day 10 or timing un-with recent heparin3 clear (but fits with HIT)

<30% platelet fall ornadir<10x109/L

Sday4(no recent heparin)

new thrombosis, (proven); skin necrosis, or ASRb none evident progressive, recurrent, or suspected thrombosis; none erythematous skin lesions possible definite

Total Pre-test Probability Score | |

periodic reassessment as new information can change pre-test probability (e.g., positive blood cultures)
0 0

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