Back pain

916 (42%)

944 (44%)


330 (15%)

358 (17%)


264 (12%)

225 (10%)

Injection site pain

174 (8%)

274 (13%)


142 (7%)

139 (6%)

Pelvic pain

130 (6%)

169 (8%)


127 (6%)

140 (7%)

Abdominal pain

103 (5%)

104 (5%)


103 (5%)

108 (5%)


102 (5%)

87 (4%)

and in one study involving humans. In a rat model of venous thrombosis using injections of tissue thromboplastin combined with stasis, the administration of bivalirudin demonstrated a dose-dependent interruption of thrombus formation (Maraganore et al., 1991).

Ginsberg et al. (1994a) studied iv and sc injections of bivalirudin in 10 patients with calf-vein thrombosis to determine if single injections could inhibit thrombin generation in a sustained fashion. Prothrombin fragment (F1+2) levels were used as an index of thrombin generation. Significant reductions in F1+2 levels were noted at 6 h postinfection, but by 24 h, levels had increased significantly. These workers speculated that higher doses, more frequent sc injections, or prolonged infusions were required to achieve ongoing inhibition.

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