In patients with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT), cessation of heparin is mandatory. Thereafter, an alternative anticoagulant is usually needed for the treatment of HIT-associated venous or arterial thrombosis, for the prevention of thrombosis in isolated HIT, or for other indications (Chong, 1995; Warkentin and Greinacher, 2004) (see Chapter 12). Danaparoid (OrgaranĀ®, NV Organon, The Netherlands; formerly known as Org 10172 and LomoparanĀ®) is the most widely used alternative antithrombotic for treatment of HIT outside of the U.S. (where it is not marketed). Worldwide, over 150,000 patients with HIT have been treated with danaparoid.

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