Frequency of HIT During Pregnancy

HIT appears to be uncommon during pregnancy even with UFH treatment. Fausett and colleagues (2001) reported that none of 244 pregnant women developed HIT during UFH use, although HIT occurred in 10 of 244 (4%) nonpregnant patients who received UFH (p = 0.0014). In a literature review, Sanson and coworkers (1999) identified no cases of HIT among 486 women who received LMWH during pregnancy. Ellison et al. (2000) studied 57 pregnancies in 50 patients and also found no episodes of HIT in pregnant women who received enoxaparin. More recently, Lepercq and colleagues (2001) found no cases of HIT in 624 pregnancies among 604 women treated with LMWH. A systematic review of studies published to the end of 2003 of the safety and efficacy of LMWH in pregnancy was reported by Greer and Nelson-Piercy (2005). From a total of 2777 pregnancies described in 61 reports, no cases of HIT were identified.

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