Other Hypercoagulability States

Argatroban 2 mg/kg/min has been used successfully in a patient with burn-related severe acquired antithrombin deficiency who failed heparin (Gorman et al., 2001). However, no formal studies have been conducted. Argatroban is approved in Japan as anticoagulation for hemodialysis in patients with congenital or acquired antithrombin deficiency.

The effective use of DTIs, including argatroban, has been described in patients with disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), including patients with low levels of antithrombin or with suspected HIT (Kumon et al., 1984; Mukundan and Zeigler, 2002). The data, albeit limited, provide evidence that argatroban can improve DIC, and also that DIC in a patient with HIT should not preclude use of argatroban.

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