Clinical Use of Argatroban

Argatroban therapy has been evaluated, in addition to HIT, in acute myocardial infarction (Theroux, 1997; Jang et al., 1999; Vermeer et al., 2000), unstable angina pectoris (Gold et al., 1993), peripheral arterial obstructive disease (Matsuo et al., 1995), stroke (Kobayashi and Tazaki, 1997; LaMonte et al., 2004a; Sugg et al., 2006), PCI (Herrman et al., 1996; Jang et al., 2004), and hemodialysis (Murray et al., 2004). In each of these settings, argatroban produces predictable anticoagulant effects and is generally safe and well tolerated. In addition to its indications in HIT, argatroban is approved outside the United States for use in nonlacunar stroke (Japan, South Korea), chronic arterial occlusion (Japan, South Korea, China), and hemodialysis of antithrombin-deficient patients (Japan).

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