Interactions of PF4 with Sulfated Polysaccharides In Vivo

Intravenous injection of heparin causes an increase in plasma PF4 level, whereas subcutaneous injection does not (O'Brien et al., 1985). The maximum amount of PF4 released corresponds to only about 5% of total platelet PF4 (Dawes et al., 1982).

In vivo, heparin and some other GAGs are able to increase plasma PF4 levels (Cella et al., 1986). Endothelial bound, rather than platelet-stored, PF4 seems to be the predominant source of the PF4 released by heparin. Most likely, heparin and other high-sulfated polysaccharides are able to displace PF4 from endothelial heparan sulfate in relation to their affinity for PF4 (O'Brien et al., 1985).

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