Dosing Schedules For Lepirudin Treatment Of Patients With


IV infusion

Target aPTT ratioc



Dose recommended in all HIT patients without renal impairment HIT with isolated thrombocytopenia (dose regimen B in HAT trials) HIT and thrombosis (dose regimen A1 in HAT trials)

Thrombosis prophylaxis 15 mg sc b.i.d.f in patients with a history of HIT HIT with thrombosis and concomitant thrombolysis (dose regimen A2 in HAT trials) Renal dialysis every alternate day CVVH

0.10 mg/kg b.w. iv predialysis

PCI (Mehtaet al., 2002); UA or acute MI without ST elevation (OASIS-2, 1999) Vascular surgery

(Hach-Wunderle, 2001) Vascular surgery (intraoperative vessel flushes) Postoperative anticoagulation Cardiac surgery using CPB (dose regimen C in HAT trials) (see also Chapter 19)

(0.1 mg/mL solution)

0.25 mg/kg b.w. ive 0.50mg/mina,g 0.20 mg/kg b.w in the priming fluid

0 0

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