Image-Pro Plus is a Windows-based image analysis package that provides point-and-click features as well as the ability to integrate text, data and graphics. It also has the capability to acquire image data, when used with an appropriate image acquisition device. For analysis of scanned images of electro-phoresis gels, Media Cybernetics offers another package called Gel-Pro. AVisual Basic compatible macro language allows easy customization for specific functions and applications. Plug-in modules can be developed in C, C + +, MFC, Visual Basic, Java, and J + + and then added to the existing Image-Pro Plus menus and toolbars.

Some of the functions of Image-Pro Plus grouped by categories are as follows:


Image-Pro Plus can acquire images from video, CCD cameras, scanners, photo CD, scientific instruments, and image databases. Comprehensive file format and device support, including support for today's most advanced CCD cameras, sophisticated image capture cards and TWAIN scanner devices, provides compatibility between Image-Pro and other applications and devices. One program can be used for color and grayscale imaging. Image-Pro provides full support of 8-, 12-, and 16-bit precision gray-scale, 24-, 36-, and 48-bit color, and 32bit floating-point images.


Image-Pro Plus has equalization, background subtraction, correction, and field flattening methods to enhance color, brightness, and contrast. It can also perform filtering functions that will sharpen, soften, blur, or enhance edges. Morphometric and FFT processing functions are also built in.


Image-Pro Plus can be used for simple geometric measurements or complex structure-function relationships. The whole field can be analyzed simultaneously, or single or multiple areas of interest can be selected. Advanced filtering and segmentation techniques help separate overlapping objects, complete grain boundaries, and recognize clusters. Once segmented, each grouping can be color-coded for quick visual identification and class verification. Densitometry can be included with the click of a mouse.


Image-Pro Plus can create scattergrams, histograms, line profiles and pseudocolor (Fig. 7). It can also add, subtract, or mask images with Boolean or arithmetic functions, or use geometric transforms for spatial manipulations. For archiving, documentation, and further statistical analyses, can be sent to Excel or other spreadsheets via Direct Data Export.


Image-Pro Plus can compress files to JPEG with very little loss of image quality. The built-in database provides a tool for acquiring, organizing, storing, and retrieving images. The folder filing system is an efficient way to store your images, and user-defined custom data fields allow you to attach specific measurement analysis and data to each image record.


For printed output, the Report Generator can create custom formatted reports with images, data, and text. Images can be inserted into reports with or without overlay data.


With "Auto-Pro," built-in functions can be combined into a single keystroke or mouse click macro. Analysis sessions can be saved and played back. Macros can be integrated and customized with Visual Basic or Visual C + + to build applications for solving specific problems. The Software Development Kit is used for advanced image processing or OEM product development. Image-Pro can be extended and customized by adding custom-designed DLLs and logos.

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