IDL is a general-purpose high-level computing environment for the interactive analysis and visualization of data. IDL is designed to handle and manipulate large arrays of data and has many advanced math and processing functions as well as data display capabilities (Fig. 6). The user can execute commands by interactively typing them into IDL's command line, and also develop programs and functions that are compiled and executed within the IDL environment. IDL provides an environment and a set of tools for developing applications for medical image processing, and many such applications have been developed and used. IDL software is platform independent so that programs developed on one platform will also run on the other supported platforms. IDL has built-in widgets for rapid and easy development of graphical user interfaces. IDL applications execute more slowly than typical compiled languages such as C.

IDL has a suite of processing routines and display methods that can be used for medical image processing and analysis. The display methods include animation, specification of color tables including 24-bit capability, 3D visualization, and many graphics operations. There are also many matrix and math operations. Some of the categories of image analysis and processing functions are:

• Convolution

• Image arithmetic

• Geometric transformations

• Wavelet transforms

• Hilbert transform

• High and low pass filtering

• Median filtering

• Histogram equalization and processing

TABLE 1 Platforms for IDL Version 5.2.1




Operating System

Supported Versions

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