Operating Room Procedure

Using our system, as seen from the surgeon's perspective, involves the following steps:

(1) Prepare patient for surgery as per usual procedure, including clamping the head. Head is still visible.

(2) Attach a configuration of LEDs to the head clamp, and record the positions of the LEDs in the Flashpoint system.

(3) Register MRI to patient by placing our scanner bar over patient's head. The bar is generally about 1.5 m away from head. Scan patient's head by swabbing a trackable probe across the skin. Typically several swabs are used, designed to cover a wide range of positions on the patient. It is often convenient to include swabs along known paths such as across the cheeks or down the nose, as these paths will aid in inspecting the resulting registration.

(4) The Flashpoint/laser bar may be repositioned at any point to avoid interference with equipment and to maintain visibility of LEDs.

(5) Sterilize and drape patient. Any motion of the patient during this process will be recorded by movements of the LED configuration attached to the head clamp.

(6) Proceed with craniotomy and surgical procedure.

(7) At any point, use sterile Flashpoint pointer to explore structures in the MR imagery.

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