Special thanks are due to Lisa Sobierajski, Rick Avila, Roni Yagel, Dany Cohen, Sid Wang, Taosong He, Hanspeter Pfister, Lichan Hong, Michael Wan, Ingmar Bitter, Baoquan Chen, Frank Dachille, and Kevin Kreeger, who contributed to this paper and helped with the VolVis software. (VolVis can be obtained by sending email to: [email protected].) This work has been partially supported by the National Science Foundation under grant MIP-9527694, the National Institutes of Health grant 5R2ICA7918002, and the Office of Naval Research grant N000149710402. The MRI brain data is courtesy of Electrotechnical Laboratory, Japan, and the MRI head data is courtesy of Siemens Medical Systems, Inc., Iselin, NJ. The CT lobster data is courtesy of AVS, Waltham, MA.

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