Scheme 6.1.1. Loading of the Wang resin 3.

oxidizing agents (for example, Wang resin with H2O2 [26] or DDQ [27]). The introduction of nitro groups on to benzyl-type linkers leads to photolabile systems.

The Rink resin 8, with an electron-rich benzhydryl moiety, is particularly useful for attachment of a variety of functionality, for example primary amines [28] (Scheme 6.1.2). Loading of the amine can be achieved via the corresponding chloride or triflate.

Two linkers particularly suitable for peptide amides and cyclopeptides are the peptide amide linker (PAL) and the backbone amide linker (BAL) [29] (Scheme 6.1.3). With these electronic and steric factors enable acylation of secondary ben-zylamines and relatively mild cleavage.

SASRIN (6) Fig. 6.1.4. The SASRIN and HAL linkers.

SASRIN (6) Fig. 6.1.4. The SASRIN and HAL linkers.

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