DNA microarray

Fig. 6.2.2. Sample preparation and probing with a DNA microarray.

• the use of photolabile protecting groups like MeNPoc [5], DMBoc [6], NNEoc [7] that can be removed directly by irradiation with suitable wavelength (Figure 6.2.3) or, alternatively,

• use of conventional dimethoxytrityl (DMT) groups that can be removed by pho-tochemically induced generation of acid at the site of irradiation [8].

In both of these, however, the patterning (and thus the ''generation of spots'') is done by means of photolithography. This kind of oligonucleotide synthesis has significantly higher spatial precision than spotting. Recently two new structuring methods similar to photolithography have been employed; these use digital assembly of micro-mirrors which are dynamically programmable [9, 10].

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