Biosynthesis of b-Alanine from Spermidine and Spermine

A third biosynthetic pathway to b-alanine 3 by oxidation of spermidine 13 and spermine 1 has been recently elucidated in yeast [17]. This reaction starts by transformation of L-methionine 15 to decarboxyadenosylmethionine (dcAdoMet, 16). The latter alkylates putrescine 12 at one or both nitrogens generating spermidine 13 and spermine 1 which are oxidized to 3-aminopropanal 14 and further to b-alanine (Scheme 1.6.4).

Scheme 1.6.4. Biosynthesis of b-alanine by oxidation of polyamines according to Toyn [17].
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