Multifunctional Cleavage

Although traceless cleavage provides efficient access to hydrocarbon-like molecules, these monofunctional linkers provide only one type of compound in a library. So-called multifunctional cleavage [41] affords the important opportunity to incorporate additional diversity on cleavage (Scheme 6.1.35). Thus increasing the number of new functional groups increases the number of compounds produced. If the linker is amenable to different types of building block (for example nucleo-phile [A] and electrophiles [B]) incorporated during cleavage a substantial library of novel molecules can be prepared from one immobilized compound [114] (Scheme 6.1.36).

Monofunctional linkers:

Multifunctional linkers:



e.g. A = electrophiles and B = nucleophiles etc.


Scheme 6.1.35. Comparison of monofunctional and multifunctional cleavage.

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