To design a traceless linker one must start from a heteroatom-carbon bond which is labile towards protogenolytic, hydrogenolytic, or hydridolytic cleavage.

Because most heteroatom-carbon single bonds are less stable than carbon-carbon bonds, traceless linkers can be synthesized on the basis of nearly all heteroatoms. The enthalpies of C-X bonds are, however, only relevant for homolytic bond scission. Many linkers are cleaved heterolytically, and kinetic stability toward hetero-lytic bond cleavage is decisive in these linkers.

The most prominent anchors for traceless linkage of arenes are based on silyl linkers. Generation of a diverse benzodiazepine library [40] has clearly shown the advantages of this type of detachment because no additional functionality, which might bias the library, was preserved in the final molecules (Scheme 6.1.33).

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R1COCl, Pd2(dba)3 Ge


R1COCl, Pd2(dba)3 Ge

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