Plate 15 (A) Postmortem specimen showing a dilatation of the left ventricular cavity and thinning of the left ventricle and intraventricular septum; (B) A loss of myofibers with interstitial fibrosis (HE stain, x 40); and (C) Inflammatory cellular infiltration (mainly rounded cell) (HE stain, x 100) was observed in the left ventricle. (see page 229).

Plate 16 HHV-6 infection of vascular endothelial cells. Top: Splenic sinusoidal endothelial cells containing HHV-6 late antigens (red-stained cells; APAAP reaction using HAR 1-3 antibody). Bottom: HHV-6 DNA in endothelial cells of cardiac arteriole in an AIDS patient (left) and of a brain venule (right) in a case of necrotizing encephalitis in a child with active HHV-6 infection (black cells; in situ hybridization with pZVH14 probe). (see page 235).

Plate 17 Various forms of myocarditis accompanying HHV-6 reactivation in AIDS patients (hematoxylin and eosin stain of autopsy specimens). Lower right shows an interstitial cardiac arteriole from such cases containing HHV-6 DNA (in situ hybridization with pZVH14 probe). (see page 237).

Plate 18 Axial SPECT image showing multiple foci of decreased perfusion (arrows) in the brain. (see page 257).

Plate 19 Neuropathology of acute C. jacchus EAE. Perivascular inflammatory demyelinating infiltrates in spinal cord and brain periventricular white matter (left, middle). High-power view to show monocyte/ macrophage infiltration (LFB/PAS). (see page 310).

(A) (B) (C)

Plate 20 A, Coronal MRI section showing T2 hyper-intensity lateral to median CSF space in pons (arrow). B, Corresponding demyelinating inflammatory infiltrate (animal 190-94; LFB/PAS, also see Fig. 1). C, Staining for early nuclear antigen p41/p38 (Advanced Biotechnologies, Inc.), demonstrating viral persistence/replication within lesions. Positively stained cells (arrows) have not yet been formally identified but appear to be oligodendrocytes. (see page 313).

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