Properties of AHR and NAHR Hotspots

Despite the relative paucity of well-characterized AHR and NAHR hotspots, a number of shared features of both types of hotspots have been observed (18). Three characteristics shared by both NAHR and AHR hotspots are: (1) they occupy clearly delimited short intervals less than 2 kb in size; (2) there are no obvious sequence similarities either within each class of hotspot or between them; and (3) they appear to be coincident with gene conversion events.

In addition to the absence of sequence conservation between hotspots of both HR classes, there is no apparent shared sequence context (e.g., GC content, CpG dinucleotide frequency, poly[A]/poly[T] fraction, dispersed repeats or the presence of [AC]n repeats) that is consistently associated with the presence of hotspots. It may be that recombination hotspots have more similar properties in higher levels of chromatin organization (e.g., chromatin conformation, epigenetic marks, histone modification, intranuclear organization) than they do in pri-

breakpoints/bp shox AHR hotspot breakpoints/bp shox AHR hotspot

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