Solutions To Exercises Lesson

1. The main types of tissues in skeletal muscles are striated muscle fibers and fibrous connective tissue. (para 5-2)

2. The large portion of skeletal muscle is known as its belly or fleshy belly. Generally, a skeletal muscle is attached to bone by a tendon or aponeurosis. If the fleshy portion is directly connected to the bone, it is called a fleshy attachment. (para 5-2a)

3. A neurovascular bundle is a branch from the main NAVL, sheathed in fibrous connective tissue. The motor point is the specific location on the surface of the muscle where the neurovascular bundle enters. A motor unit is a single motor neuron and the striated muscle fibers activated by the neuron. All fibers of a motor unit contract or none contract. (para 5-2b)

4. The trunk musculature is arranged in two ways--longitudinal muscles and oblique muscles. The limb musculature is arranged around the joints to produce the appropriate motions of the limbs. (para 5-4)

b. First class.

6. The components of a skeleto-muscular unit are:

b. Joint (articulation).

c. Skeletal muscles. (para 5-8)

7. The muscle which makes the main effort for a given motion is called the prime mover (agonist). A muscle which assists the first is called a synergist. A muscle which applies a force opposite to that of the first is called an antagonist.

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