Neuron Cell Body

The neuron cell body is similar to that of the "typical" animal cell described in lesson 1.



Figure 11-1. A "typical" neuron. 11-5. NEURON PROCESSES

There are two types of neuron processes--dendrites and axons.

a. Dendrite. A dendrite is a neuron process which carries impulses toward the cell body. Each neuron may have one or more dendrites. Dendrites receive information and transmit (carry) it to the cell body.

b. Axon. An axon is a neuron process which transmits information from the cell body to the next unit. Each neuron has only one axon.

c. Information Transmission. Information is carried as electrical impulses along the length of the neuron.

d. Coverings. Some neuron processes have a covering which is a series of Schwann cells, interrupted by nodes (thin spots). This gives the neuron process the appearance of links of sausage. The Schwann cells produce a lipid (fatty) material called myelin. This myelin acts as an electrical insulator during the transmission of impulses.

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