Lesson Assignment

LESSON 10 The Human Endocrine System.

TEXT ASSIGNMENT Paragraphs 10-1 through 10-18.

LESSON OBJECTIVES After completing this lesson, you should be able to:

10-1. Define endocrine glands, hormones, target organs, and feedback mechanism.

10-2. Briefly describe three different control systems of the human body.

10-3. Briefly describe the endocrine system and name six better known endocrine organs.

10-4. Describe the pituitary body, including its location, its major subdivisions, and the origins and hormones of each subdivision.

10-5. Describe the location, structure, and hormone(s) for each of the following:

a. The thyroid gland.

b. The parathyroid glands.

c. The pancreatic islets.

d. The suprarenal glands.

10-6. Name the primary sex organs and the sex hormones for each gender.

SUGGESTION After completing the assignment, complete the exercises at the end of this lesson. These exercises will help you to achieve the lesson objectives.

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