Lesson Assignment


The Human Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems.


Paragraphs 9-1 through 9-10.


After completing this lesson, you should be able to:

9-1. Name and briefly explain the four basic components of any circulatory system.

9-2. Define the human cardiovascular system, name its four major components, and match its components with the four basic components of any circulatory system.

9-3. Briefly describe plasma and the formed elements of the blood and state four general functions of blood.

9-4. Describe the general construction of a blood vessel; name three types of blood vessels; state the basic function of each type.

9-5. Describe the general construction of the human heart, including its auricles, atria, ventricles, septa, wall layers, variations of wall thickness, and the names, structures, and position of the cardiac valves.

9-6. Describe three different control systems regulating the heart beat.

9-7. Describe the coronary arteries and cardiac veins and their function.

9-8. Briefly describe the pericardium.

9-9. Describe cardiovascular circulatory patterns, including the terms collateral circulation, end artery, pulmonary cycle, and systemic cycle. Name the major arteries and veins of the human body and the areas serviced or supplies.

9-10. Briefly describe lymphatic capillaries, lymph vessels (including the thoracic duct), lymph nodes, and tonsils.

SUGGESTION After completing the assignment, complete the exercises at the end of this lesson. These exercises will help you to achieve the lesson objectives.

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