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In this subcourse, you will study basic human anatomy. Anatomy is the study of body structure. Physiology is the study of body functions. Anatomy and physiology are two subject matter areas that are vitally important to most medical MOSs. Do your best to achieve the objectives of this subcourse. As a result, you will be better able to perform your job or medical MOS.

Subcourse Components:

This subcourse consists of 11 lessons and an examination. The lessons are:



Introduction to Basic Human Anatomy.



Tissues of the Body.



The Human Integumentary and Fascial Systems.



The Human Skeletal System.



The Human Muscular System.



The Human Digestive System.



The Human Respiratory System and Breathing.



The Human Urogenital Systems.



The Human Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems

Lesson 10, The Human Endocrine System. Lesson 11, The Human Nervous System. Credit Awarded:

Upon successful completion of this subcourse, you will be awarded 26 credit hours.

Material Furnished:

In addition to this subcourse booklet, you are furnished an examination answer sheet and an envelope. Answer sheets are not provided for individual lessons in this subcourse because you are to grade your own lessons. Exercises and solutions for all lessons are contained in this booklet.

You must furnish a #2 pencil to be used when marking the examination answer sheet.

You may keep the subcourse.

Procedures for Subcourse completion:

You are encouraged to complete the subcourse lesson by lesson. When you have completed all of the lessons to your satisfaction, fill out the examination answer sheet and mail it to the AMEDDC&S along with the Student Comment Sheet in the envelope provided. Be sure that your name, rank, social security number, and address is on all correspondence sent to the AMEDDC&S. You will be notified by return mail of the examination results. Your grade on the examination will be your rating for the subcourse.

Study Suggestions:

Here are some suggestions that may be helpful to you in completing this subcourse:

Read and study each lesson assignment carefully.

After reading and studying the first lesson assignment, work the lesson exercises for the first lesson, marking your answers in the lesson booklet. Refer to the text material as needed.

When you have completed the exercises to your satisfaction, compare your answers with the solution sheet located at the end of the lesson. Reread the referenced material for any questions answered incorrectly.

After you have successfully completed one lesson, go to the next lesson and repeat the above procedures.

When you have completed all of the lessons, complete the examination. Reread the subcourse material as needed. We suggest that you mark your answers in the subcourse booklet. When you have completed the examination items to your satisfaction, transfer your responses to the examination answer sheet.

Student Comment Sheet:

Provide us with your suggestions and comments by filling out the Student Comment Sheet found at the back of this booklet and returning it to us with your examination answer sheet.

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