Exercises Lesson

REQUIREMENT. The following exercises are to be answered by completing the incomplete statements or by writing the answer in the space provided at the end of the question.

After you have completed all the exercises, turn to "Solutions to Exercises," at the end of the lesson and check your answers.

1. The main types of tissues in skeletal muscles are_and

2. The large portion of a skeletal muscle is known as its_or its__. Generally, a skeletal muscle is attached to bone by a

_or_. If the fleshy portion is directly connected to the bone, it is called a .

3. What is a neurovascular bundle?

What is a motor point?

What is a motor unit?

4. The trunk musculature is arranged in two ways--_muscles and

_muscles. The limb musculature is arranged around the_to provide the appropriate motions of the_.

5. Label the drawings below according to class of lever. = fulcrum

= weight being moved = applied force

Vt class b.

cl ass class

6. The components of a skeleto-muscular unit are:

7. The muscle which makes the main effort for a given motion is called the

. A muscle which assists the first is called a . A muscle which applies a force opposite to that of the first is called an

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