CTypes of Cartilage CT

(1) Hyaline cartilage CT. Hyaline cartilage CT appears homogeneous and clear.

HYALINE = clear

This type of cartilage helps to cover bone surfaces at joints. Hyaline cartilage is found as incomplete rings which keep the trachea (windpipe) open.

(2) Fibrous cartilage CT. Fibrous cartilage CT includes dense masses of fibers (of FCT). It is more rigid than hyaline cartilage. The auricle of the external ear is stiffened with fibrous cartilage.

(3) Calcified cartilage CT. Calcified cartilage CT is cartilage that has been stiffened by the addition of calcium salts. This is not the same as bone tissue. An example is the cartilages of the larynx (the voice box) which become calcified with age.

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