CExamples of Epithelial Tissues

(1) A simple squamous epithelium called endothelium lines the heart and blood vessels.

(2) As serous membranes, simple squamous epithelial tissue lines the cavities of the abdomen (peritoneal lining) and the chest (pleural lining). Serous membranes are membranes which secrete a lubricating fluid.

(3) Epithelial tissue forms the secretory part of glands and also parts of the various sense organs.

d. Functions. According to its location, epithelial tissue has different functions. As the skin, epithelial tissue protects the tissues beneath. In the small intestines, the epithelial tissue absorbs. In the lungs, epithelial tissue is a membrane through which the gases pass easily. In the glands, epithelial tissue secretes.

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