Anatomical Terminology

a. As mentioned earlier, you must know the language of a particular field to be successful in it. Each field has specific names for specific structures and functions. Unless you know the names and their meanings, you will have trouble saying what you mean. You will have trouble understanding what others are saying. You will not be able to communicate well.

b. What is a scientific term? It is a word that names or gives special information about a structure or process. Some scientific terms have two or three different parts. These parts are known as a PREFIX, a ROOT (or base), and a SUFFIX. An example is the word subcutaneous.

SUB = below prefix

CUTIS = skin root

SUBCUTANEOUS = below the skin A second example is the word myocardium. MYO = muscle prefix CARDIUM = heart root

MYOCARDIUM = muscular wall of the heart

A third example is the word tonsillitis.

TONSIL = tonsil (a specific organ) root

ITIS = inflammation suffix

TONSILLITIS = an inflammation of the tonsils

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