Procedure E Muscles Of The Thorax

1. Place the fetal pig in the dissecting tray with its ventral side up. Spread and secure all four limbs with twine.

2. Remove any remaining fat and connective tissue to expose the muscles in the walls of the thorax and abdomen.

3. Study figure 24.5. Locate and transect the superficial pectoral to expose the anterior deep pectoral. Locate and dissect the following pectoral muscles:

superficial pectoral (pectoralis superficialis)— homologous to pectoralis major posterior deep pectoral (pectoralis profundus)— homologous to pectoralis minor anterior deep pectoral

4. To find the deep serratus ventralis thoracic muscle, transect the pectoral muscles, and reflect their cut edges to the sides. The fingerlike origins on the ribs can be located by pulling the forelimb away from the thorax.

5. See table 24.2 for the origins, insertions, and actions of these muscles.

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