Procedure A The Pelvic Girdle

1. Review a textbook section on the pelvic girdle.

2. As a review activity, label figures 16.1 and 16.2.

3. Examine the bones of the pelvic girdle and locate the following:

coxal bone acetabulum ilium iliac crest iliac fossa sacroiliac joint anterior superior iliac spine posterior superior iliac spine greater sciatic notch lesser sciatic notch ischium ischial tuberosity ischial spine pubis symphysis pubis pubic arch obturator foramen 4. Complete Part A of Laboratory Report 16.

Critical Thinking Application

I Examine the male and female pelves. Look for major differences between them. Note especially the flare of the iliac bones, the angle of the pubic arch, the distance between the ischial spines and ischial tuberosities, and the curve and width of the sacrum. In what ways are the differences you observed related to the function of the female pelvis as a birth canal?

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