Part A

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

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Match the muscles in column A with the actions in column B. Place the letter of your choice in the space provided.

Column B __1. adducts thigh

__2. plantar flexion and eversion of foot

__3. flexes thigh at the hip

__4. abducts thigh and rotates it laterally

__5. dorsiflexion and eversion of foot

__6. abducts thigh and rotates it medially

__7. plantar flexion and inversion of foot

__8. flexes leg at the knee

__9. extends leg at the knee

__10. dorsiflexion and inversion of foot a.

Column A

biceps femoris gluteus medius gracilis peroneus longus peroneus tertius psoas major and iliacus quadriceps femoris group sartorius tibialis anterior tibialis posterior

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