Minimal Intensity Of Stimulation Necessary To Trigger A Muscle Contraction

Match the terms in column A with the definitions in column B. Place the letter of your choice in the space provided.

Column A

a. all-or-none b. latent period c. motor unit d. muscle tone e. myogram f. refractory period g. tetanic contraction (tetanus)

h. threshold stimulus i. twitch

Column B

1. minimal intensity of stimulation necessary to trigger a muscle contraction

2. response of a muscle fiber/motor unit complete contraction if stimulated sufficiently

3. consists of a single motor neuron and all of the muscle fibers with which the neuron is associated

4. an action of a muscle contraction and immediate relaxation when exposed to a single stimulus

5. the time between stimulation and response

6. the time following a muscle contraction during which the muscle remains unresponsive to stimulation

7. forceful, sustained contraction

8. some contraction of muscle fibers when a muscle is at rest

9. the recording of the pattern of a muscle contraction

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