Additive Phenomenon Called

Complete the following statements:

ions tend to pass through cell membranes more easily than sodium ions.

2. When a nerve cell is at rest, there is a relatively greater concentration of ions outside of its membrane.

3. When sodium ions are actively transported outward through a nerve cell membrane,_

ions are transported inward.

4. The difference in electrical charge between the inside and the outside of a nerve cell membrane is called the _potential.

5. As a result of an additive phenomenon called_, the threshold potential of a membrane may be reached.

6. An action potential is a rapid sequence of changes involving_and repolarization.

7. The moment following the passage of an action potential during which a threshold stimulus will not trigger another impulse is called the_period.

8. Muscle fiber contraction and nerve impulse conduction are similar in that both are_


9. Myelin contains a high proportion of_.

10. Nodes of Ranvier occur between adjacent_.

11. The type of conduction in which an impulse seems to jump from node to node is called_

12. The greater the diameter of a nerve fiber, the_the impulse travels.

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