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t est the effect of Novocain on a frog sciatic nerve. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Place a nerve-muscle preparation on a glass plate supported by the ring of a ring stand, as before.

2. Use the electronic stimulator to determine the voltage needed for maximal muscle contraction.

3. Saturate a small piece of filter paper with 2% Novocain solution, and wrap the paper around the midsection of the sciatic nerve.

4. At 2-minute intervals, stimulate the nerve using the voltage needed for maximal contraction until the muscle fails to respond.

5. Remove the filter paper, and flood the nerve with frog Ringer's solution.

6. At 2-minute intervals, stimulate the nerve until the muscle responds again. How long did it take for the nerve to recover from the effect of the Novocain?_




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