Materials Needed

textbook compound microscope prepared slides of the following: loose (areolar) connective tissue adipose tissue dense connective tissue (regular type)

elastic connective tissue reticular connective tissue hyaline cartilage elastic cartilage fibrocartilage bone (compact, ground, c.s.) blood (human smear)

For Optional Activity:

colored pencils

Connective tissues contain a variety of cell types and occur in all regions of the body. They bind structures together, provide support and protection, fill spaces, store fat, and produce blood cells.

Connective tissue cells are often widely scattered in an abundance of intercellular matrix. The matrix consists of fibers and a ground substance of various densities. Many of the prepared slides contain more than the tissue to be studied, so care should be taken to be certain that your view matches the correct tissue. Additional study of bone and blood will be found in later laboratory exercises.

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