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This new edition of the laboratory manual has been made user-friendly. It contains many of the features of other laboratory manuals by the author. Many of the incorporations are a result of evaluations and suggestions from anatomy and physiology students. Numerous suggestions from reviewers have been incorporated. Some features include the following:

1. To meet the need for clearer and more definite safety guidelines, a safety list is located inside the front cover and safety sections are found in appropriate labs.

2. A section called Study Skills for Anatomy and Physiology is located in the front material. This section was written by students enrolled in a Human Anatomy and Physiology course.

3. The Materials Needed section is located at the beginning of the laboratory exercise to enable greater ease in laboratory preparations.

4. Many of the leader lines on the figures have been enhanced for clarity by using more brackets for regional labels.

5. To clarify whether a figure label refers to a general area or a specific structure, "clue" words in parentheses have been added to some figures to direct students in their answers. The first example is figure 2.1.

6. References for laboratory exercise correlations to The Virtual Physiology Lab CD-ROM are indicated by the icon in the appropriate lab following "Materials Needed." The ten animal-based physiological experiments can be used for prelab preparation, for an actual lab alternative or supplement, or for postlab review.

7. Critical thinking applications are included within most

┬žof the laboratory exercises to enhance valuable critical thinking skills that students need throughout their lives.

8. Computer literacy is integrated to relevant laboratory i^Hi exercises. Web Quest activities are found at the J^Bj end of most exercises. Discover the answer to many scientific questions at http:// iSfiES www.mhhe.com/biosci/abio/martinlmwg.mhtml Here you'll find links to help you with your quest.

9. Two assessment tools (rubrics) for laboratory reports are included in Appendix 2.

10. A supplement of four computerized physiology labs with laboratory reports using Intelitool products is available. The title is Intelitool Supplementary Lab Exercises to Accompany the Laboratory Manual for Hole's Human Anatomy and Physiology (0-697-27976-6).

11. The Instructor's Manual to Accompany Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual, Fetal Pig Dissection describes the purpose of the laboratory manual and its special features, and provides suggestions for presenting the laboratory exercises to students, (0-07-235890-4)

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