Treatment of Perianal Coexistent CD and HS

The use of steroids should probably be discouraged in the acute phases because of their poor efficacy and the risk of septic complications. Immunosuppressants need to be evaluated once sepsis has been completely controlled. Inflix-imab has been proven to be efficient in the treatment of cutaneous CD manifestations such as pyoderma gangrenosum [36]. This led some authors to use infliximab in patients with both HS and CD [37-42]. Infliximab was introduced when conventional medical treatment and surgical drainage failed. Various infliximab regimens of one to three perfusions have been reported with prolonged efficacy. Improvement was noted in both the perineal CD course and axillary or perineal HS lesions. These observations reinforce the link between the two diseases and suggest a shared inflammation pathway.

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

Acne is a name that is famous in its own right, but for all of the wrong reasons. Most teenagers know, and dread, the very word, as it so prevalently wrecks havoc on their faces throughout their adolescent years.

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