Side Effects

Etretinate is a prodrug of acitretin with a molecular weight about 10% greater than that of acitretin, with the consequence that the daily dose, usually 30-75 mg etretinate, corresponds to 20-50 mg acitretin. In the early 1990s, many patients had been treated with either etretinate or isotretinoin for as many as 15 years and had not developed any signs of severe toxicity [39]. Acitretin has been established as a safe, effective treatment for psoriasis [39-41]. Retinoids, including etretinate and acitretin, are potent teratogens, leading to strict requirements for pregnancy prevention during and after their use [39-41]. Etretinate can be prescribed for male patients or postmenopausal female patients [41]. Premenopausal fertile woman should not be treated with etretinate but can be considered for acitretin therapy providing they use adequate contraception during therapy and for 24 months [39, 41] or even 36 months [40] after discontinuation. In fertile female patients it is also suggested to do a pre-treatment pregnancy test and repeated pregnancy tests every month of therapy [41].



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