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The need for uniform outcome variables when reporting treatment effects has led to a proposition of a score by Sartorius and co-workers. This classification allows for better dynamic monitoring of disease severity in individual patients, and therefore forms a complimentary system to the Hurley classification.

1. Anatomical region involved (axilla, groin, gluteal or other region or infra-mammary region left or right: 3 points per region involved).

2. Number and scores of lesions (abscesses, nodules, fistulas, scars; points for lesions of all regions involved: abscesses/nodules 2, fistulas 4, scars 1, others 1).

3. The longest distance between two relevant lesions, i.e. nodules and fistulas in each region, or size if only one lesion (<5 cm, 2; <10 cm, 4; >10 cm, 8).

4. Are all lesions clearly separated by normal skin? In each region(yes 0/no 6).

A total score or a score by region can be calculated. This score has been assessed retrospectively and should be assessed prospectively in future therapeutics studies.

The Sartorius score lacks a subjective evaluation of the patient, i.e. what is the burden of disease for the individual patient? How much pain

Abscess formation, single or multiple without sinus tracts and cicatrization.

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