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The measures of the QoL must be correlated with the severity of the disease. Recently suggestions for uniform outcome variables for treatment effects in HS have been reported [7]:

1. Anatomical region involved (axilla, groin, gluteal or other region or inframammary region, left and/or right: 3 points per region involved)

2. Number and scores of lesions (abscesses, nodules, fistulas, scars; points per lesion of all regions involved: nodules/abscesses 2; fistulas 4; scars 1; others 1)

3. The longest distance between two relevant lesions, i.e., nodules and fistulas, in each region, or size if only one lesion (<5 cm 2; <10 cm 4; >10 cm 8)

4. Are all lesions clearly separated by normal skin? In each region (yes 0/no 6)

By assigning numerical scores to these variables, disease intensity can be quantified in a clinically meaning full way. A total score was calculated.

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