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1. Is articular (arthritic) pain related to the illness?

Articular pain can be related to the disease, but this is not true for all articular pains. It is known that some rheumatic inflammations may accompany diseases such as suppurating hidra-denitis and that these joint symptoms may be either peripheral (such as arms, legs, fingers) or in some cases central (such as pelvis or back).

2. Does tobacco provoke or aggravate the disease?

It has been demonstrated that HS is more prevalent among smokers than in the population as a whole, but it is not clear whether this is a cause or an effect, and it is not clear whether ceasing to smoke brings about an improvement - and indeed this cannot be proved either.

3. Is this a disease of the obese?

No, it is not a disease of the very fat. It also affects thin people, but being overweight is one of the factors that aggravates the disease and causes poor tolerance of the lesions.

4. Why should I not eat sugar, even if I am not diabetic?

There is no reason why you should not eat sugar.

9. Why should I have a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy may help to diagnose Crohn's disease, an inflammatory disease of the intestine, which can be accompanied by cutaneous symptoms, particularly perineal ones, and which can be confused with HS. However, faced with anal lesions not characteristic of HS or accompanied by digestive symptoms, a diagnosis of Crohn's disease simulating HS or associated with HS should be made, as there are specific treatments for Crohn's.

10. Can one develop the disease as the result of a blood transfusion?

11. Can one give blood? Yes.

12. Can frequent general anesthetics cause loss of memory?

5. Is a condition of extreme fatigue related to the disease?

It is difficult to interpret conditions of extreme fatigue. Permanent suppuration may lead to extreme fatigue, but extreme fatigue is also a symptom of depression, and HS can lead to a degree of depression.

6. Hair loss, brittle nails, dental abscesses, the loss of many teeth - are these related to the illness?

No, they have no relation to the disease.

7. Is there a risk of septic shock?

The risk exists in the form of an acute spread of the infection by means of a secondary streptococci infection, but this is extremely rare.

8. Are suppurations in the fold between the buttocks a form of HS?

An infection in the upper part of the fold between the buttocks is usually a pilonidal sinus, which is frequently associated with HS, but is different. The treatment is surgical and should be carried out by a surgeon very experienced in this type of intervention. HS lesions can be present in all of the perianal and perineal areas.

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