Recurrent Disease After Surgery

niently coagulated by the laser and little or no bleeding occurs during the surgical procedure. Bleeding from vessels larger than 0.5-1 mm in diameter is preferably stopped using electroco-agulation or ligation.

The treatment is terminated by a final soak with 0.9% sodium chloride solution and examination for remaining diseased areas and bleeding. The wound, left to heal by secondary intention, is immediately covered after the surgical procedure with dry dressings or ointment-impregnated dressings with an outer covering bandage attached using surgical adhesive tape, or with gauze underwear.

When patients are on acetyl salicylic acid or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) it is recommended to stop medication for 3 weeks (acetyl salicylic acid) or 1 week (NSAIDs) before surgery. No perioperative antibiotics are used. In patients with heart murmurs and prosthetic heart valves the use of preopera-tive antibiotics is common. In general no pre-medication is necessary but 10 mg diazepam orally or per rectum 1 h before surgery is used in anxious patients.

the maximal safety limit of local anesthetics should not be exceeded.

Cure Tennis Elbow Without Surgery

Cure Tennis Elbow Without Surgery

Everything you wanted to know about. How To Cure Tennis Elbow. Are you an athlete who suffers from tennis elbow? Contrary to popular opinion, most people who suffer from tennis elbow do not even play tennis. They get this condition, which is a torn tendon in the elbow, from the strain of using the same motions with the arm, repeatedly. If you have tennis elbow, you understand how the pain can disrupt your day.

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