Psychological Aspects

1. Is stress a factor that may cause or aggravate the illness?

In many people stress may contribute to a worsening of the symptoms, but stress not a cause of the disease.

2. How do I break the news to my partner? There is no recipe for this! This question and the next two require careful consideration.

3. How do I tell the family? See Question 2 above.

4. Should I tell the family?

The same answer. But in any case you should make it clear that there is no risk to anyone else. It is also important to have someone with whom you can talk about the illness - relatives, friends or a doctor. It is essential to be able to give expression to the fact that you are ill in order to gain a little distance before considering the problems that the illness brings with it.

5. How should I tell my employer about the illness and the possibility that I may be absent from work?

The employer does not necessarily have to know the nature of the illness or the reasons for absence from work. However, if the disease affects your wok, perhaps raising a problem of your suitability for a job, the company doctor is the person to see.

6. What should I do if I get the blues?

See your GP, who can see if you are suffering from depression and if so recommend treatment, perhaps by a psychiatrist or a psychologist. It is never "normal" to feel depressed. You should not have to suffer the additional pain of depression because you have HS. An effective treatment of depression will not cure HS, but it will relieve you of some of the suffering that the illness may cause.

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