This is the first and most comprehensive book dedicated to the understanding and treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa. The most recent monograph on this disease was Dr Benedek's supplement to Acta Dermatovenerologica in 1957 (1)! The long interval has not been justified by a benign nature or quiet disposition of the disease. This is a common and debilitating disease that significantly reduces the quality of life for patients. In spite of this it has not achieved a deserved level notoriety and scientific interest, but remains an obscure an ill-understood menace to the patients.

There may be several reasons for this neglect. One reason may be that it is has been described as a 'heart sink' disease, both for patients and physicians alike. Patients often find it a debilitating and embarrassing disease with a high degree of morbidity; and at the same time treating physicians generally find it a difficult disease to treat. Patients therefore hide their disease and chose to suffer in silence rather than to seek help. Physicians similarly often adopt a reductionist approach rather than seeking insight in the face of the clinical challenge. Finally, it may be that it is only now that a sufficient college of experts have gathered.

It is therefore our hope that this book will be of benefit to the many patients; and of inspiration and insight to the many different specialists treating the disease. We have adopted an open, exploratory approach to the topic, rather than a normative one. We have invited recognised ex perts to give their opinion and interpretation of the disease, and left our own point of view to the chapters summarizing pathogenesis and therapy. At points you may therefore find discussions of e.g. apocrine glands with which the editors may disagree, but rather than suppress information we have sought to stimulate and inspire an an open dialogue. The book is intended for both concrete factual information, as well as inspiration for further studies of aetiology, pathogen-esis and therapy.

We would like to thank our colleagues for generously sharing their insight and knowledge. We would also like to thank Ms Ellen Nissen for providing expert translation from French, the anonymous patients for sharing their stories and our publisher for a smooth and efficient cooperation.

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How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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