Practical Questions

1. Can one use sanitary tampons?

Yes; HS lesions do not penetrate the vagina.

2. Should linen be washed separately? No; this disease is not infective.

3. Is it possible to shave or remove hair by waxing?

There are no contraindications. However, some patients experience further inflammation following depilation; others benefit. You just have to try.

4. Is it better to take a bath or a shower? It makes no difference.

5. What soap should I use: is an anti-septic soap advisable?

Any soap will do; it is not necessary to use antiseptic soap.

6. Can you catch this from a toilet seat? No; it is not contagious.

7. How do I get rid of the smell of suppuration? When the smell is very strong, in cases of chronic suppuration it is often because there are anaerobic germs present. These can be controlled by clindamycin or metronidazole, but in such cases surgery has to considered.

8. Can I use talcum or deodorants?

In principle, yes. Try and see how it goes.

9. Does the climate have an influence on the disease?

There is no firm evidence on this. Some patients say that they feel less well when it is very hot or very humid.

10. Should I take precautions against certain foods?

In principle, no.

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